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What is Executive Coaching?

It is the answer—both personally and professionally—to what keeps you up at night.

Executive Coaching can help you sort through whatever dilemmas busy the news ticker that runs inside your head as it hits the pillow. We give you an extra set of eyes and a sounding board to work with when faced with opportunities and decisions. Whether it’s a business hurdle that’s stumping you or a dilemma that seems to be impeding personal progress, our Executive Coaching sessions help you find creative answers and satisfying resolutions.

Executive Coaching turns what could be into what is.

Whether for your life vision or business, our Executive Coaching service enables a renewal of passion, the refinement of goals and actionable strategy that will take you where you want to go.

It is the application of our years of insight, experience and connections to YOUR goals and visions.

We have over 30 years of financial and business planning under our belt. We have seen what works and what doesn’t in all sizes of companies and phases of development. We have relationships with the best in the business.  From lawyers to realtors to insurance agents and benefit providers,  we have access to the professionals and services that can meet the scope of your needs.  We know things. We know people. We can tailor the application of our insight and resources to help you knock your goals out of the park.

It lets us be on your team but also give it to you straight.

Some businesses see the big picture but wrangle with the details. Others miss the forest for the trees. Some struggle with decision-making. Others act when the best move is to wait it out or watch a trend. We all have blind spots and stubborn habits. We all have unique skills and talents that could be fine-tuned or better utilized to achieve our dreams. We help you identify your super powers and show you how to use them to make your business soar. (We also help you dodge, redirect or delegate your kryptonite.)

It helps you steer by the light of your values to increase your quality of life.

What matters to you more than anything? Exemplary service? Developing innovative products?  Financial security and growth? Social responsibility? Making it home for dinner? We will help you clarify your values, your boundaries and your passions and integrate them into the identity and strategies of your business and life vision. Clarity around such things allows for deep satisfaction and promotes efficiency and value, along with a better quality of life!

How Executive Coaching Works

First we listen.

Understanding our clients’ goals, values and idiosyncrasies is important. This is essential in helping you strategize for success. We will listen to what you say.

Then we talk things through.

We make it our priority to understand your individual concerns and desires and together we will develop actionable steps that will move you down the road and produce real results.

Then we get pushy gently nudge you to act.

Communication and exploration are important, but we also want you to make progress and gain the empowerment that comes from doing so. We can’t let you Kumbaya yourself away from taking the action required to meet your goals and achieve your dreams. (Sorry.)  (And you’re welcome.)

Why it Works:

Support is crucial to getting you where you want to go.

An impartial set of eyes to review and create strategies gets you there faster. Someone to help you hold to your vision and values along the way yields success.

What kind of support?

Executive coaching helps you create options and explore ideas for your business or life. It helps renew your passion, utilize your strengths, make decisions and ultimately increase your income. It can develop and enhance your leadership and managements skills. It can help you engage stockholders. It can enable you to stretch and shift your budget to allow for innovation or adaptation to economic and cultural shifts. It can create opportunity and methodology for starting up, starting over or integrating change. It can help you zero in on the small changes that create great impact or provide concrete direction when your business or life calls for bigger moves.

When you need Immediate Management Services, we can do that too.

As a business grows and thrives, the need for keen resource allocation and professional strategizing becomes more essential. This can happen before your professional budget allows for a full-time CFO or controller. Our contract CFO services gives you access to professional financial advice and concise strategies that support your business during growth periods or pivotal moments that, if well-managed, can lead to further success and prevent missteps. It allows our clients the time they need to focus on new services, new customers and core business issues.

Who Can Benefit

Anyone. Everyone. (Maybe not your dog unless he’s a real over-achiever.) Whether you are running a large corporation, organizing your life vision, or managing any phase of business or personal development, Executive Coaching is a resource that is tailored to your needs.

Help Us Help YOU: How to make the most of your Coaching Session

Remove the blinders and fears and open your mind

Preparing for the coaching session will be a fluid process. Come with a list of “what keeps you up at night”; your questions, concerns, dreams and fears. Your punch list will help us manage your session so you get the most out of your time with Anne. We want you to walk away from your session with a sense of fulfilment and success, like you’ve opened the floodgates for a new chapter of your life to begin.

You’re in control; you always have been, you might have forgotten

The coaching session is about you. Are you managing a small business? Do you need help mentoring your employees so they produce the quality of work you require to be successful? Are you worried about how you’re going to live out your “Golden Years” after putting kids through college? Do you need an unbiased ear to download your thoughts? Then coaching is for you – whether it’s personal or business related, we have years of experience guiding our clients to attain their goals, and conquer their “life blocks” through thoughtful planning and action.

Be ready to accept change and set off into the wind

Change is difficult. We easily get into our routines of day to day life and forget to reflect, revise, and re-direct our focus to achieve goals. Take an inventory of your goals, your current status, and where you are in the process, and then write them all down. Your coaching session will be filled with thoughtful ideas, prods, and action items to take away with you. We can’t do the work for you, but we will certainly support you through the process, and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Build your team: choose your players wisely

Part of maturing is choosing the right players on your team; the players that will motivate and inspire you to be a better version of yourself. We want to be on your team! We encourage you to build a professional team to help guide you through the various stages of your life. Eventually you’ll need these people, so let’s begin cultivating those relationships now.

We have a huge professional, vetted referral network for all of your needs. Whether it’s a choice of attorney, investment people, bankers, general contractors, payroll processor, or even the best place to get a massage – we’ve got you covered.  We play well with others. If you’ve already built your team, but need some additional support, we are happy to work with your team.

Our years of experience will help you navigate the nuances of achieving your dreams, and making them a reality. Our client testimonials are a true reflection of how our services will benefit you.

Pulling the trigger

Take the plunge. Call or email Hillary to schedule an appointment. Whether it’s next week or in two months – put a date on the calendar – take that first step to achieving your dreams.