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We’re not just talking about your dough, although that is important too!

The biggest hurdle that environment-minded companies and homeowners perceive when it comes to integrating advancements that favor resource sustainability is cost. It’s long been thought that a forward step for the planet means a backward step for your wallet. We now know this to be a misconception.

We can afford to save our planet

We can help you plan and implement large-scale projects that increase your company’s, or personal savings, and decrease your reliance on expensive fossil fuels. There are now state-funded grants, rebates and tax incentives available for the purpose of making such projects economically feasible. We make it our business to keep apprised of the financial opportunities arising in this new and changing energy landscape. Our expertise, in addition to our alliances with Seacoast contractors who champion affordable, environment-friendly solutions, allow us to guide our clients in meeting their own goals of sustainability.

Going Green is in the budget

Having recognized the perception of a gap between the ability to implement sustainable technologies and the ability to afford and benefit from them, we have doggedly pursued the knowledge and strategies that bridge that gap. Born of our own values as well as those of our clients, we are becoming the Seacoast’s niche financial advisory firm on the exciting process of going green with solar energy.  

Its kind of our thing

Green Is Important

We have guided clients through the installation of solar energy systems that have resulted in significant energy savings. Better still, we have seen these systems run so efficiently that the electricity generated exceeds their need. In these scenarios, we are able to guide our clients through the process of selling this bonus energy or donating it to a charitable recipient. It is our personal and professional pleasure to help clients implement changes that not only result in financial savings but which also honors their values and commitment to the environment and community.

A Light came on

 Highland Hardwoods in Brentwood,  NH recently saw their $450,000 solar  installation project completed for  only $189,000.

 How did it happened?

 We did our homework. We found a  combination of incentives and credits  that took over $260,000 off the cost of  the 550-panel, 140 kW installation.  Even more savings will be realized in  electricity costs as, prior to going  solar, the company’s $20,000 annual  electricity bill was projected to rise  3% a year.

 Proposed cost: $450,000  


 New Hampshire Rebate: $68,000

 USDA Grant: $112,000

 Federal Tax Credit: $82,000

 True cash cost: $188,000

 Good karma for going green and  donating surplus energy to the town  of Brentwood Fire Department:  Priceless

Show me the money!

An example of the affordability of going green!

We can also work with you to reduce your Federal tax burden by 10% through energy credits for the purchase and installation of existing projects. Just ask us how! Call or e-mail Hillary.

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We really can afford to save our planet!