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Client, Business Owner;

Anne Holliday and her expert staff have handled my business and family taxes since the moment I realized decades ago how suicidal it would be to deal with those matters myself.  The firm takes care of everything and, clearly understanding my palpable fear and total confusion, neatly explains where to sign what, what to mail who, and how to pay when.  Nothing is left to chance and, from the moment I had the good fortune [okay, small fortune] to fall into their hands, nothing financial, nothing taxing, has ever gone awry.  Over the years an occasional worry has caused me to ring their office and I'm given a reassuring welcome and the best advice.  I wish my GP kept me this healthy!

Client; Southern NH;

Dreams come true when you're coached by Anne Holliday.

Over ten years ago, Anne helped me build a long range plan that included strategies for college, retirement, and real estate. She took time to understand my values, helped me articulate my goals, and advised on how to make my dreams come true.  

Anne coaches the entire person and coaches for the long haul.  Over the years we have touched based on progress-to-plan and have made adjustments based on the economy, personal events, and career moves. Today I have two boys in college, a healthy retirement package, and a wonderful new home that fits my empty nester lifestyle.  I am so very thankful for Anne's guidance and highly recommend her for coaching and planning.

Industry; Travel Agent

Anne has been the CPA for both my company and for me personally for well over 25 years!  When my company was audited by the State of NH, a few years ago, she stepped right in and ran interference with the representative, which relieved my stress level.   Over the years, Anne has helped me make decisions to streamline office procedures, give advice on employees, and her vast networking skills enables her to recommend other outstanding professionals.  


I've known Anne for 25 years. She helped me with my first business venture by not only making sure my taxes were done properly, but also offering excellent tax planning advice. She guided me through the sale of that business and has always been a great source of guidance through the financial maze of life. She is currently assisting me with retirement planning. She has always been a consummate professional and not only do I consider her an excellent accountant, I consider her a longtime friend. I highly recommend her for all your tax preparation and planning needs.

Anne is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  Beyond her exemplary financial skills, she has a long-time commitment to assisting local non-profits, having specialized in recent years in affordable housing issues.  She is a wonderful member of the community with a staff that reflects her outlook and good humor.

Client; Lawyer & Business Owner

We are new clients, and in retrospect I wish we had signed on years earlier. Anne and her team are true professionals. Anne is far more than just a top notch CPA, offering us a bit of life coaching when needed (and much appreciated!) You'll be in good hands here.

Industry, Service & Retail;

Anne has been my CPA for many years. She has helped my husband and me, as well as my parents, navigate through various stages of our lives and careers. After working in the banking industry for the majority of my working career, I decided to follow my passion for makeup artistry and skin care and start my own business. Anne was there with advice and strategy to make my transition into living out my dreams a reality.

I recently decided to utilize her Executive Coaching services for my business, Joya Beauty. While my business is financially sound, I just felt like I needed another "set of eyes" on the business; a fresh perspective. I needed those "second opinions" from my trusted advisor, Anne.

After my first Executive Coaching session with Anne I felt empowered and energized to grow my business. Her ability to understand not only the financial aspects of my business decisions but my own personal goals is a character trait I'm convinced only she possess. I am excited and optimistic about the direction that my growing business is heading and I feel like I have a winning team behind me that will keep me on track.

Joanne McDonough

Client, Ogunquit, Maine

You worked "your magic". I had a really good feeling leaving your office today. I felt that we accomplished a great deal and I'll get to work on my "homework" so that we'll meet those deadlines with room to spare.

I also wanted to thank you for your help and understanding on my son's situation. I was just online finding out the steps for applying for "Homestead" in the county in which he resides. That should give him some peace of mind.

What one looks for in a professional is the intellectual acumen which you have in great abundance but also the practical insights and empathy which give one some options to consider when making important life decisions. You get the highest marks on both counts, Anne.

Industry, Retirement & Wealth Management

In the 20+ years that I've been offering investment advice, I've worked in conjunction with many other professional advisors (CPAs and attorneys). I've found that working as a team, we offer the greatest value to our clients. Anne has always been the most proactive, accessible and reliable when it comes to working on client issues. I believe that our mutual clients benefit greatly though this joint effort.

Chartered Retirement Planning Counsellor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Industry, Marketing Services & Printing

At a recent meeting with our fellow franchise owners, our regional advisor made a point of telling the group that we have a terrific accountant guiding us through this difficult time. Thanks to Anne, our balance sheet is in great shape. She prompted us to make some tough decisions when we needed to. Now we're back in position for growth in the years to come.

Steve Chaisson & Cary Chaisson

Industry, Wholesale, Retail & Transportation

Anne has helped us through some very hard times, including two recessions. Anne's wisdom and leadership has enabled us to grow and mature as a company. It is important to note that Anne has helped us make every important decision that has affected our future…and much of the success we have experienced can be attributed to her input and advice.

Anne's tax advice has saved us a lot of dollars over the years... by making intelligent decisions on the money we spend. Anne is accurate and precise in her work, and her record is impeccable. Anne does our monthly financials which are reviewed by an independent CPA each year. Each and every year Anne passes muster with whoever goes through our books... with flying colors. Accordingly, our bank has great confidence in our company regarding the accuracy of our books, inventory etc. That is a value to our company that cannot be measured!

Anne and her staff are a pleasure to work with and her rates are more than reasonable for the value we receive. Though operating independently, Anne has become as integral part of our company as any key employee at Highland Hardwoods. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a high level CPA. Anne is as good as it gets!

Rick & Wendy Lang

Industry, Medical Services - multiple offices

Anne is truly remarkable at what she does. She brings to the table a confidence and passion that are far superior to what I have seen from other accountants. As a small business owner who cannot afford a full time accountant on staff, I must rely on someone who takes my business as seriously as I do. Anne offers a whole array of small business services that I have only begun to tap into, with clear and specific pricing that makes budgeting for her services simple. Anne and her staff are a great and efficient team. My only regret with Anne is that I did not find her sooner. I highly recommend her for any small business.

Chris Campbell

Industry, Retirement & Wealth Planning

I recommend Anne regularly to clients and friends in need of guidance for all tax matters, and regularly receive thanks for pointing folks in her direction. She is the perfect blend of affable and direct. A great example of her drive and conscientiousness is found in the work she did with her workforce housing entity, Teach A Man To Fish, Inc.

Dale, Associate Vice President/Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo

Client, Portsmouth New Hampshire

I have used Anne as my personal tax advisor and she continues to earn my trust and admiration. She not only provides the advice I need today but insight on what I need to be thinking about tomorrow. She's an indispensable resource and goes above and beyond what most CPA's would do. I believe there are very few business professionals who possess the vision and strategic acumen to be successful in work both in the for profit and non-profit world. Anne Holliday is one of them. I've had the privilege to serve with her on a non-profit board and during that time her leadership, inspiration and insight helped move that organization forward on many fronts. A woman of many talents!

Client, Business Owner

If you're looking for someone to always agree with you and tell you you're right, skip Anne.  She is extremely knowledgeable and confident.  She has handled our personal taxes and our business taxes for over ten years and we value her opinion greatly.  Beyond taxes, Anne has helped us understand the proper use of trusts for estate planning and easing the transfer of property.

She provides much needed advise on budgeting and business planning and we would not think of making a significant personal or business financial decision without consulting her.

Client, Business Owner

Anne has prepared my business and personal taxes for more than a decade.  Her professionalism and attention to detail are without compare.  She has provided business coaching, as well as assisting me personally with retirement savings suggestions, personal finances and preparation of college financial aid forms.  Anne is a pleasure to work with, and has a no-nonsense approach.  I would not trust anyone else and highly recommend Anne Holliday for any business or personal accounting or tax preparation needs.

My wife and I have been using Anne and her staff for 3/4 years now. Not only do we feel Anne and her staff are extremely detail oriented, their knowledge in the financial/Tax market is amazing! They never leave anything out as to be assured you are making the most informed decisions possible. We wouldn't think of going anywhere else!

Industry,  Private Investment

Anne Holliday has been my CPA for more than 20 years.  Not only did she help me start my new business, she continues to be my most trusted business consultant.  Anne also put together a wonderful team of professionals to help my parents with their estate planning.  She continues to be my "go to person" when I need a professional recommendation such as an attorney or insurance broker.  Everyone she has recommended to me became a valuable addition to my financial and legal team.

Anne's advice  regarding tax planning and preparation has been exemplary.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a CPA or a business consultant.

Patricia Webber


Options Dragon

Client, Business Owner

For the past twenty years Carpe Diem Coffee Roasting Company has happily teamed with Anne Holliday, CPA.  

After several false starts with prior accountants we quickly saw the value of her services.

Anne has successfully seen Carpe Diem through a number of challenging economic climates (2008 recession, volatile coffee prices, and even LePage).

   Anne is:








   Highly organized



   And most importantly, she’s pretty good at math.